Suzie Chaney

Lives and works in the hills close to Carcassonne in Southern France. 

Her work has an ambiguous and dreamlike quality. It reflects the liminal space or margins between what we see and what we feel. She frequently uses elements of water and animals to convey inner, personal connections to places, experiences and all living beings. Originally from the UK with a BA (Hons) in sculpture, she also works on paper creating drawings and books.

My creatures have presence, vitality and energy.

Their creation takes a lot of intuition and I need to put my trust in the journey even when it’s a long one.  When it is not just a body but feels alive and expressive, ready to run, swim, or raise their hands to heaven, my work is done.

The sculptures are made of wood, plaster, clay, cloth, paper and wire. They are recognizable as people or animals, but not one that you have seen. These are creatures of the mind. Since the dawn of humankind, we have imagined beings within natural forms. A collaboration between nature and fantasy. The flickering shadows, the thing in the corner of your eye, the creatures that exist in the margins of things; intangible and ambiguous. If you get really quiet and still, you will find them there. 


Come see behind the scenes at my studio. I share thoughts and resources which I hope will inspire and motivate you.