what does support for artists entail?
  • I offer one-to-one guidance sessions to help you realise your potential. I specialise in helping those who are makers, sculptors, textile artists, printmakers or anyone who uses their hands to create. But whatever kind of art you make, I can be of assistance.
  • We’ll have meaningful conversations about your art, your goals, and the challenges you face. We’ll reflect on your progress so far, review your work, discover your strengths, and map out your path. No matter where you are, I can meet you. Making art can sometimes be a solitary business so I’ll be like your creative buddy!
  • I offer support and encouragement. Cheer you on, help get you back on track after disappointment, celebrate your wins and I’m always rooting for you! If your internal motivation is bad I’m there for a virtual prod when you need it.
  • Or if you’re stuck in a creative rut I’ll offer fresh perspectives, ideas, and inspiration to ignite your imagination and help you find your joy again. If you’re not blocked I can help you refine your vision and flourish.
  • Finally and perhaps most important of all, help you build a sustainable art practice to fulfill and enrich you.
how will i help you?
  • I encourage experimentation and exploration, following your curiosities and seeking inspiration, keeping the well topped up and living creatively. Art is better when it’s playful, when we don’t overthink and enjoy the process.
  • Paying attention and slowing down. Taking the time to honour your craft and grow your expertise with diligence.
  • Ideation, mind maps, self inquiry, effective and actionable lists and strategies for those who don’t respond well to strict goals or routines (like me!) I’m great with out of the box and arborescent thinking to change perspective. But I also believe in making all of this joyful not just another chore to be done – often cute notebooks, stickers, doodling and cups of tea are involved. I also like sketchbooks, inspiration boards and note keeping, as well as valuable reflection and review exercises.
  • The importance of self care, understanding your values and avoiding overwhelm and burn out. We lift the rock one at a time and if it’s too big, we break it down into smaller stones. The value of integrity and following one’s own path.
  • Help with writing about your art with confidence. This will not only give you a deeper understanding of your work but great for crafting your artist’s statement and bio, or coming up with long form written content should you want it.
what can’t i help with?
  • Art business advice, marketing strategies and managing your social media. A business coach would be better suited to your needs.
  • Technical aspects of specific art making.
how does it work?
  • Sessions can be held either over Zoom, WhatsApp or in person at my studio. A one-off session maybe all you require to get you over a block or knotty problem or you may prefer regular scheduled sessions. These can help enormously with maintaining your commitment to developing a regular practice.
  • A few days before the session it’s a good idea to email me with an idea of what you would like help with so we can use the time together effectively.
  • After the session I will send you a follow up email with a plan of action we’ve set out together.

I have previous experience of running/teaching creative courses and workshops in person and online. I am art school trained to BA(Hons) level and a lifelong learner, with consistent continued study, courses and have been mentored by other artists. I’m a working artist with my own studio for almost 20 years and finally, I currently have a regular mentor myself and I appreciate how hugely beneficial this is to me and my work.

Sessions are 30€ for half an hour or 100€ for a block of 4 sessions. Payment is via Paypal and converted into your own currency.

If you wish to book a session please get in touch via email or use the contact form below and we’ll take it from there!

Vous souhaiterez une séance, mais en français ? Contactez-moi en tout cas :)


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