Luna is my dog. She’s adorable, but probably the most brainless dog on the planet. There are three outcomes in her brain; hopefully food, or something is a game, or else she’s in trouble. In my experience with dogs, it’s best to just go with the flow, and allow them to behave in their normal way. In the first two pictures Luna was indoors and I was trying to get her to sit on a chair by making it a game. Eventually I got her in it but her bum kept sliding off and she was getting that oops-I-did-it-again look creeping over her. Just then my son walked in the room eating toast. Bingo! Ears went up, face keen as mustard. With a bit of toast in my left hand just above the lens peeking out for her to see and she’s there, complete with a little bit of dribble. The bottom picture I took a little later out on our walk – she had worn herself out enough to stay still but not so much she looked sleepy. Again, complete with the dribble as she’d just been scrumping windfall apples. But Luna wouldn’t be Luna without the dribble, the lolling tongue and the enthusiastic expression.
The light isn’t always perfect and shooting a film camera with manual focus makes the task more challenging, but for me I love the challenges, breaking through and solving problems as well as embracing the things I have no control over. Dogs will always have drool, or dreadlocks or bad teeth or ‘food beard’ but that’s what they are, it’s part of their canine DNA. Animals should be celebrated for who they are and how we interconnect with them.

Pentax Spotmatic/Kodak TMax 400