Porto on film

Some happy news – I’ve had scans and ultrasounds. Prodded, poked and examined and finally I was told I’m in remission! I’ve completed my final round of injections. For now and hopefully for the rest of my life I’m done and dusted. To celebrate I’m off to Madrid in a couple of days.

Before I go however, I realise I’ve not shared the film photographs I took in Porto. Last November I was still feeling weak and wobbly but nonetheless craving some distraction. We decided on Porto as we’d been there a couple of years before and fell in love with it.

This time we stayed in a beautiful and cosy apartment close to the river in the historic district. I’d forgotten how bloody steep all the cobblestone roads are. I wasn’t up for doing much this time apart from some gentle strolls in the autumn sun. We went to the Photography museum to see this exhibition; visited little boutiques and handmade craft shops and stalls (Christmas shopping sorted). We were stumbling distance from Da Terra which serves amazing organic vegan food. Drank a little port wine, took a lot of photographs. These, dear reader, are the tip of the iceberg:


Olympus XA | Kodak Gold 200

Nikon FE | Ilford HP5